What kind of events to expect

Leeroy & Coco specializes in tabletop games. Our goal is to cater to the many types of tabletop gamers, from serious to casual, beginner to expert, and young to experienced.

Tabletop games have now become a generational hobby. It is something that can be shared between people regardless of age, background, or language.

There are many different tabletop games that provide different experiences. With our expertise, we can provide the best tabletop gaming experience for your friends, family, partners, or colleagues.

Tabletop games provide benefits towards communication, education, as well as critical and analytical thinking. We will prove these benefits while having fun!

We provide:

• Tabletop games

• Game tutorials

• Team building

• Get togethers

• Birthday parties

• Game nights

• Tournaments

• Tabletop game coaching

We cater to:

• Families

• Kids

• Clubs

• Schools

• Small Businesses

• Corporations

If you have an event that will benefit from our tabletop gaming experience, do not hesitate to let us know by booking us.